Your Beauty is Scientific Everything from your melanin levels to your emotional state contributes to the pigment of your iris. Even the shape of your eye is determined by the bone structure in your face. Beauty professionals have known for years: that there is a science behind how you look!

CoFANCY Coloring Lab in Korea

Top lens manufacture in Taiwan, China

Strict quality inspection

Clear &

Why pick between form and function? We do both! CoFANCY creates precise medical devices for correcting vision – so it is essential that we cast aside the cold aesthetics and show you who we really are. Professional and clinical doesn’t have to mean cold and distant. You meet the world through your eyes, so your eyewear should express who you are! We first consider everything the other eye-health companies take for granted – and we want you to feel good about seeing well!

One Mold, One Lens

Traditionally, a production mold will be used to form hundreds, if not thousands, of contact lenses. While this is cost-effective for most manufacturers, it makes delivering a precise prescription a challenge. With CoFANCY, every lens has a unique mold. To prove it, we package the mold with your order. Take it; it’s as unique as your vision.

100,000+ CoFANCY lenses are sent out from our DC every day

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